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It’s often said, Web3 is like the Wild West. An unforgiving yet bountiful frontier where anyone can strike it rich, or be reduced to rags faster than two shakes of a womprat’s tail. The only difference is that in the web3 landscape, the sun never sets, technology evolves at lightning speed and every golden opportunity could be a well-laid trap.

It takes a certain kind of person to last longer than a market cycle in this world. If you’re reading this, that means you are either, a) newly arrived, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, trying to determine where to invest your time and/or money in this vast and perplexing landscape. b) You have been beaten down and shaken out by the bears, and playing dead until the bulls return. Or c) you are a gruff callused protocol drifter, with a weathered wallet, an appetite for risk, and an unshakeable gumption that can lose everything and stick around to go all in again.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, The Wei is here to guide you, inform you, entertain you, and even reward you.

We at D¢ENT Ventures are the latter. Our founders Rex and Geo have been in crypto for a full decade, riding every wave of market hype and euphoria, and emerging from each blood-red bear market more resilient than before. This is why we created this blog and newsletter. To bring our hard-won insights and industry experience to web3 newbies, enthusiasts, and degens alike.

What is D¢ENT Ventures?

D¢ENT Ventures is a product development studio that has been around since 2022, building Web3 projects and experimenting with the latest trends in crypto and NFTs.

In September 2023 we launched our first product to the public. Pixel Raffle! However, we quickly found that the time was not right for this innovative gamified NFT minting platform featuring 100% on-chain provably fair raffles. “RaffleMinting” as we call it.

At that time we also initiated the pre-launch of 8-Bit Legends, our very own web3 gaming ecosystem.

Sadly, as bear markets tend to do, our ambitions were rekt by the extreme fear and hesitancy that permeated the market.

But all is not lost. Pixel Raffle and 8-Bit Legends will live on! Expect some RaffleMinting to kick off again very soon, with our subscribers getting the first shot at winning epic rewards and NFT prizes.

The last two years have been a hell of a journey for us. We look forward to sharing the entire story with you, and writing new chapters well into the future.

Right now ‘The Wei’ is our primary focus. It’s our way of providing value above all and earning the trust of the community, as a respected web3 authority.

While none of what we share should be construed as financial advice, the information we offer could be seen as a well-informed starting point to do your own research, carving your own path through the web3 wilderness.

So, what does The Wei have to offer its readers? In short, this publication aims to provide in-depth articles in our blog, as well as quick and digestible weekly snapshots of the web3 space in our Newsletter. Our mission is to provide as much value as we can, as often as we can, completely for free. You onboard? Subscribe now.

Still want to know more? Here’s what you can come to expect…

The Wei to Guide

There can be a steep learning curve when entering the world of cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Defi. Heck, with how many new projects and protocols are dropping on the daily, even seasoned degens can find themselves all turned around.

We’re here to provide helpful guides to safely jump in and start swimming with the whales, while avoiding the sharks. Whether it’s setting up your first web3 browser wallet, or enacting a multi-step yield farming strategy, we will arm you with the tools and resources needed to get ahead in this rough and tumble territory.

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The Wei to Inform

Making smart decisions is all about having the data, details, and information needed to eliminate blindspots and illuminate real opportunities. The Wei Weekly Newsletter is jam-packed with timely stats you’ll need to know to navigate your next move. It will also highlight early alpha and hidden gems that have come across our radar… While drinking coffee, of course.

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The Wei to Entertain

Sure, helpful guides and useful information is great and all, but if reading it is as dull as a drill bit on an ancient Anunaki asteroid mining rig, then we’re giving you no reason to spend your time with us as a reader and subscriber.

You’ve probably picked up on the fact that we’re scifi geeks. This is fitting for the web3 space as it’s chock-full of space references such as rocket ships, astronauts, and aliens. We hope you enjoy our brand of humor and obscure references as much as we enjoy excessively shoe-horning them into our posts. Do you speak geek? Let us know your favorite references or worst flops on X. You’re very likely to get us riffing on some esoteric iceberg.

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The Wei to Earn Rewards

There is something that sets The Wei apart from every other web3 publication out there. Our Bounty program! Bounty Hunters are integral to every great space opera. And in this story, YOU are the Bounty Hunter!

Every newsletter is an opportunity to earn our reward token $WEI. The easiest is to subscribe and get your referral link to share with your network. From there, you can contribute to our info curation process by providing tips, alpha, and recommendations. Each topic has a specific bounty request and reward associated with it, so be sure to check them out throughout the newsletters.

Additionally, larger bounties can be earned by contributing guest posts, and becoming an Elite Hunter. More info on that is coming very soon.

What is $WEI, and why would you want to earn it? We’ve got a whole page dedicated to answering this question. But what you need to know is that it can be used to buy sponsored spots and shoutouts in the newsletter, it is redeemable for merch, and will become a tradeable token once it hits the unlock threshold (with more valuable utilities to be announced). So we recommend stacking that $WEI while you can. For now, the only way to get it, is to earn it.

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So, Space Cowboy, are you down to join us on this ride into the wild world of web3? The way 2024 is shaping up, it’s bound to be a hell of an adventure. Subscribe to The Wei to get a competitive advantage going into the next bull market, and to be part of a growing community of meta-mercenaries chasing down the hottest leads for the benefit of us all.

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