Join the Alpha Hunter Clan

We have a proposition for you. We’re looking for something, and we think you know where it is. We can’t say what, but you’ll know it when you see it.

We’re assembling a decentralized army of bounty hunters whose job is to perform recon throughout all corners of the web3 space. Those who return with valuable intel will be rewarded in $WEI. Our bounty rewards token.

Here’s what you’ve gotta do

  1. Subscribe to The Wei. It’s free to join and packed with value every week.

  2. Submit your application to become an Alpha Hunter.

  3. Join our Discord server, The D¢ENT Society, and await approval. You will be given the Alpha Hunter role, allowing you to post your finds in the 🔫 bounty-submission channel.

  4. Participate in one of our various bounties, including:

    1. Capturing new subscribers using your referral link. (see below)

    2. Provide tips, alpha, and rumors that we think our readers would benefit from.

    3. Submit original guest posts that we can publish to our blog. (you’ll get full credit, of course)

    4. Apply to be an Elite Hunter. That is, if you meet the criteria.

  5. Follow the instructions (posted along with each bounty) to make sure you get your $WEI.

  6. Sit back and wait for payday at the end of each month.

You can learn all about the $WEI token and more by clicking the button below.

Start Earning Immediately

Once you have subscribed you can begin earning right away by rounding up new subscribers to The Wei using your unique referral link, found below, and in every edition of the newsletter.

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