New publishing schedule for The Wei, making way for DRVN

We interrupt this newsletter to bring you an important announcement.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled newsletter to bring you an important announcement.

Hey, RΞ𝕏 here. You may have been expecting a new edition of The Wei, but we are making some minor, but important changes.

The recent addition of the DRVN Culture automotive web3 publication to the D¢ENT Ventures family of publications has received significant interest from the crypto community. In a little over a week, we onboarded 3 project partners and we have more on the way. On top of that, our subscribership has been seeing some healthy growth. This momentum will only amplify so long as I continue to add fuel to the fire!

To meet this demand and push the project forward to start executing on the ambitious DRVN roadmap, I have decided to adjust the content strategy for The Wei.

Effective immediately, The Wei will move to a monthly digest, published on the last Sunday of every month. I will still bring you a curated selection of the most important current events, trends, and alpha in the web3 industry, as I have done weekly for the past few months. However, to ensure the quality continues to be top-tier, for now, the frequency will have to be reduced.

Here is a quick breakdown of what that will look like

  1. Nothing is changing for the Alpha Hunter program. Members are still welcome to submit alpha and guest articles. Alpha bounties will now be published in the monthly digest. Guest articles will be published as individual posts upon editorial review.

  2. Alpha Hunters and subscription referrals will still accrue points towards $WEI rewards airdrops, but we will be revising our timing for the official launch of the token.

  3. Expect more topical and project deep-dive articles in lieu of the weekly newsletter.

  4. I will be using this publication to post more project updates, sharing what’s being developed by D¢ENT Ventures.

  5. The Wei will eventually go back to a weekly, and possibly daily publishing schedule once we have the team in place to ramp up content.

You may be wondering why I am making these changes, and that’s a fair question.

The D¢ENT Ventures team is small and our time and resources are limited. Currently, I am the only writer on staff, and to manifest my vision for DRVN, I need to rebalance where I place my efforts.

As we collect more wins, generate more revenue and capital, and grow our team The Wei will evolve into the full-blown web3 media juggernaut I intend it to be. However, my priority will be going towards what is gaining the most traction, and that is DRVN. Let me tell you, what we have planned for it will be epic!

What’s coming with DRVN?

When I had set out to create D¢ENT Ventures in late 2021 the internal roadmap always included an ambitious automotive web3 play. It turns out that, right now, the conditions are perfect to bring this project to the top of the list.

This project I speak of has become what is now known as DRVN. My first goal is to create the ultimate automotive web3 publication and newsletter, DRVN Culture. The foundation has now been laid, and it will only grow and improve from here. Here’s what to expect from the publication.

  • More partnerships and collabs with projects and creators in the niche

  • Articles featuring the IRL automotive lifestyle of community members, including their project cars, motorsport events, and sim racing competitions

  • The introduction of more media including videos, a podcast, and regular X spaces

DRVN Culture will become a full-fledged media brand, like Top Gear for the web3 automotive genre. However, this is only the first milestone on the DRVN roadmap, which I will soon share with our growing community.

What I can tell you as of now is this. The DRVN brand will expand into a project with a much MUCH larger scope, in which real-world car culture and web3 innovation blend in perfect harmony. With it will come a massive opportunity for those of you who are here early.

If you are intrigued and want to join the ride please subscribe to DRVN Culture.

See you back here in a couple of weeks

Be on the lookout for the next edition of The Wei, coming Sunday, March 31st when we will recap this month in web3. As always, we are recruiting Alpha Hunters and guest authors to contribute quality content and alpha. These bounties submissions will rewarded handsomely, in our $WEI token airdrop.

Thank you for your ongoing support and readership while D¢ENT Ventures charts the best path into the 2024 bull market. Those who stick with us will be extremely early to what will hopefully become some of the standout projects of this market cycle, and beyond.



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