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Howdy, and Happy New Year, Partner!

Welcome to the very first edition of The Wei. A weekly web3 roundup that compiles the top headlines, time-sensitive trends, FOMO-worthy finds, and original content from the founders of D¢ENT Ventures.

We hope that this edition sets the stage for what to expect from the newsletter. On top of that, our featured post below will provide the rest of the need-to-know info on what we have planned. Since we’re new to the newsletter game, please give us a few weeks to find our footing and build an engaged audience (the fuel that drives this ship). It’s only upwards from here. Up, like a memecoin in 2023!

Speaking of memecoins… As you peruse the newsletter you will see Bounty Boxes at various points along the way. Each one is an opportunity to earn our memecoin, $WEI. All you need to do is contribute some tips and alpha, or refer new subs. But to earn your bounties, you’ll need to be a subscriber yourself.

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This is ‘The Wei’ - The new home of D¢ENT Ventures

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Oh, hi!

It’s often said, Web3 is like the Wild West. An unforgiving yet bountiful frontier where anyone can strike it rich, or be reduced to rags faster than two shakes of a womprat’s tail. The only difference is that in the web3 landscape, the sun never sets, technology evolves at lightning speed and every golden opportunity could be a well-laid trap.

It takes a certain kind of person to last longer than a market cycle in this world. If you’re reading this, that means you are either, a) newly arrived, all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, trying to determine where to invest your time and/or money in this vast and perplexing landscape. b) You have been beaten down and shaken out by the bears, and playing dead until the bulls return. Or c) you are a gruff callused protocol drifter, with a weathered wallet, an appetite for risk, and an unshakeable gumption that can lose everything and stick around to go all in again.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, The Wei is here to guide you, inform you, entertain you, and even reward you.

We at D¢ENT Ventures are the latter. Our founders Rex and Geo have been in crypto for a full decade, riding every wave of market hype and euphoria, and emerging from each blood-red bear market more resilient than before. This is why we created this blog and newsletter. To bring our hard-won insights and industry experience to web3 newbies, enthusiasts, and degens alike.

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Top Headlines this Week

Logan Paul is offering a partial refund for CyptoZoo, his failed web3 game project. Hell, that’s more I ever got for investing in rugs and duds.

North Korean hackers reportedly stole over $600m in crypto in 2023. Apparently, rocket-man doesn’t know that there’s more money to be made in building something of value rather than taking it. But that’s communism for ya.


Market Snapshot

During the first week of 2024, Bitcoin's price fluctuated, reaching a high of $46K before dropping to around $42K. This volatility was driven by speculation around the approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF by the US SEC. Most altcoins experienced losses, with Ethereum down 4.5%, Solana down 7.9%, and XRP down almost 10%. Bitcoin's dominance in the market is slightly below 50%. The potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF could attract significant investment inflows into the cryptocurrency, making the next few days worth watching.

Now, let's dive into 5 of the top cryptocurrencies. We've got Ether, XRP, ADA, SOL, and BNB on the block today.

  • Ethereum: ETH failed to move higher, with key support at $2,150 holding, resistance at $2,500. Volatility expected to increase due to Bitcoin ETF speculation, potential for a break from the current range.

  • Ripple: XRP failed to break key resistance at 68 cents, falling to support at 54 cents. Sellers dominating at the moment, and bias is bearish. Watch support at 54 cents for potential recovery.

  • Cardano: ADA mirrored XRP's loss, with potential for sellers to push down to key support at 46 cents. Short-term price action is bearish, and the correction may continue until reaching key support.

  • Solana: SOL made lower highs and lows, signaling a potential reversal. The uptrend remains intact, potential test by bears. If lost, SOL may reach key support at $78.

  • Binance Coin: BNB closed the week showing resilience compared to other tokens. Although, it’s facing strong resistance at $360, with uncertainty around potential rally continuation.

Position. Token | Price | 7d Change | Mcap

  1. BTC | $43,663.65 | +3.7% | $855.42b

  2. ETH | $2,231.93 | -3.3% | $268.25b

  3. BNB | $303.47 | -4.3% | $46.71b

  4. SOL | $93.56 | -10.7% | $32.84b

  5. XRP | $0.56 | -9.5% | $30.54b

Fear & Greed Index: 70 (greed)

Hot Coins of the Week

Let’s see what’s cooking this first week of 2024?

  • $SEI, a new Layer 1: The L1 narrative is looking to be strong over the next market cycle, and this one already has a native on-chain DEX, a lot of new projects and various meme coins popping up on it. I’d say that’s a good sign.
    Bounty submitted by @dcentgeo

  • $XAI, a Layer 3 on Arbitrum: This network was specifically designed for gaming on Arbitrum. Notably, it features wallet abstraction to take the sting out of needing to interact with a wallet to use. Big partnerships and should be a mover with the gamefi narrative, and they have one of the biggest, being partnered with Animoca Brands.
    Bounty submitted by @dcentgeo

  • $MYLO on Solana: Speaking of hot narratives, memecoins based on the dogs of project founders is a thing. Mylo is the pup of Solana c0-founder Raj Gokal, so how can this not be a winner? It had a pretty sloid rip and has since cooled off significantly, so it may be time to have a look.
    Bounty submitted by @dcentgeo

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Gamefi FTW

Bounty submitted by @apixtwts

Web3 gaming, in large part, has an indie vibe that’s endearing, if a little low-budget. And that’s awesome because this whole space is about being indie. But sometimes we web3 enthusiasts want to play something with some polish and AAA-level game dynamics. Luckily, more games of this caliber are surfacing every day. @apixtwts surfaced this one on our X timeline and it is definitely worth a deeper look. That game is SIPHΞR Odyssey, by Ather Labs.

Apix hits the high notes in his post below. Beyond that, what stands out to us are the amazing graphics, character design, and attention to every detail of the brand. But it also includes all the best web3 dynamics that make Gamefi experiences transcend the casual gaming status quo. Playable avatars call Surrogets, the ability to buy, trade, acquire, and sell commodities and items, guilds, and a stakeable IGC (in-game currency) called $SIPHER. Player-driven economies are half the fun of gamefi titles. Many only shine there. We feel Sipher Odyssey will deliver on the whole sha-bang!

A new web3 got you unable to put down the 🎮️ ?

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Defi the Odds

In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s Solana season once again. Oh what I would have given to buy $SOL at $5 not a year ago. But with the amount of action that’s happening on their network, from memecoins to NFTs, there are some tasty yield opportunities to be had as well.

This week we suggest checking out the Orca platform. If you want to relive your degen days of 2021 have a peek at the SOL-WSB pool for a spicy 182% APY. Or for the more conservative risk-takers (totally not an oxymoron) you can get into the SOL-VANC pool for a clean 18.79% APY. They sit on the Defillama top defi pools list at spots 9 and 11, respectively. But for those in the US or UK… or without a VPN, you’ll have to sit on the sideline for this play, unfortunately.

Defi Sector Stats

Position. Chain | Protocols | 7d Change | TVL

  1. Ethereum | 993 | +1.77% | $28.63b

  2. Tron | 27 | +1.92 | $8.1b

  3. BSC | 680 | -0.74% | $3.45b

  4. Arbitrum | 517 | +0.54% | $2.43b

  5. Solana | 122 | +3.61% | $1.4b

Got a hot tip on some 🔥 defi plays?

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Collections Dropping This Week

Webverse: Minting Now

Stats: 0.15 ETH | 5k Collection | On Ethereum

Links: X | Medium | Web

This is way more than an NFT collection. It it appears to be a vital component of a cutting edge Defi ecosystem, called Entangle Protocol.

Their project is ambitious. That’s for sure. Here’s what we were able to decipher. Entangle Protocol operates within the Webverse, creating a simplified narrative of its infrastructure. NFTs like Weavers and Agents offer benefits within the Entangle Ecosystem. The $NGL token powers the ecosystem, supporting staking, validation, and gas fees. Revenue sources include the Photon Messaging Protocol and Liquid Vaults. Entangle's roadmap includes plans for dApps like Cross-chain V3 DEX, Launchpad, Yield Farming protocol, and Liquidity Lottery System.

Check out this Medium article for a much better understanding of what Webverse and Entangle are building.

Kreepy Monstas: Minting Jan 8

Stats: FREE Mint | 6,600 Collection | On Polygon

Links: X | Discord | Web

Both Monsta and Kreepy Kritters know a thing or two about fun gamified deflationary projects. We feel this dynamic will make for an entertaining experience if nothing else. Having been a long-time $MONSTER and Party Monsta NFT holder, I can tell you that their community does it right.

The Kreepy Monstas collection incorporates a reaper contract that will buy and burn Kreepy Monstas off the floor using royalties from secondary sales. This experiment has never been done before on a free mint and will be the first of its kind. Make sure to mark your calendars!

NFT Market Performance

Position. Collection | Chain | Floor | 7d Change | 7d Vol. | Listed

  1. Azuki | ETH | 6.9 | +17.75% | 6219.14 | 357

  2. BAYC | ETH | 26.1 | -1.51% | 5473.46 | 351

  3. Pudgy Penguins | ETH | 10.93 | +2.01% | 3516.11 | 457

  4. MAYC | ETH | 4.97 | -5.12% | 5168.66 | 918

  5. Azuki Elementals | ETH | 0.6 | +13.42 | 1324.19 | 931

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